Buying at Stone Gate Farms Q & A


Q: How?

A: Fill out the Reservation Form in your Packet and submit along with a reservation check for $2,500 payable to Champion Builders, Inc.

Q: What Does This Do?

A: This puts your name on the lot for 10-21 days, while deciding on the specifics of your new home and pricing of options.

Q: Do We Meet With The Builder?

A: Yes – An appointment is scheduled to meet with Matt Dacey – President of Champion Builders, Inc., to discuss your new home options and answer any questions.

Q: Is My Reservation Refundable?

A: Yes - If you decide not to proceed with construction for any reason, your reservation is fully refundable (please see language on Reservation Form).


Q: We have decided on the lot, the house style, and the price, how do we move forward?
A: Champion Builders, Inc. will prepare the necessary paperwork – Agreement, Specs, House Plans, etc., for your new home.

Q: How much more of a deposit will we need?

A: Depending on your individual situation, deposits usually range from 5% to 25% of the total purchase price, paid when the agreement is signed.

Q: Will we need to come up with any more money?

A: No, not until your new home is finished and we have the closing. This is typically 140 – 170 days from signing the agreement.

Q: What if we want to add items after the paperwork is signed?

A: Those items are priced and paid for through written change orders.


Q: Do we get to select our finishes?

A: Yes, there are certain items included in your package, but you will be asked to select paint color, cabinets, counter tops, flooring and appliances. On houses already under construction our designer has already provided all selections.

Q: Can we visit the construction site?

A: Yes – But for safety and liability reasons, we ask that a representative must accompany you at all property visits.